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OPLZA 2018
Did you attend my "Fun with Contacts, Cards, and Colors" talk at ONTRApalooza 2018 but missed the worksheet link?
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We Specialize in Creating Quality Client Care Systems to Sustain Growth.
Most of our clients come to us because they are running themselves ragged. They know their current procedures cannot sustain any more business growth and that they need to automate. But automation, if applied to the wrong business procedures, can disrupt their client experience. My clients are heart-centered entrepreneurs. Their businesses are built on client experience! If they do NOT automate, their business systems (and their sanity) could crumble under the pressure which accompanies growth. If they DO automate but do it wrong, their clients may leave them for a personalized experience elsewhere. If this sounds familiar...if you are a heart-centered entrepreneur who needs to change something but are afraid of how those changes could impact your relationships with your clients...we can help!
We offer marketing, client care, and information systems solutions for heart-centered women entrepreneurs and their businesses.
We take the time to fully understand each unique business. Before we make  recommendations, we take into account your business processes, mission, ideal client(s), history of growth, and any other pertinent information.
We pinpoint and anticipate inefficiencies in your current processes and guide you to customized solutions for your company.
We analyze the provided information in order to diagnose limits to future growth and devise solutions accordingly.
We work with you to prioritize implementation of the prescribed solutions so you can take away a combination of immediate action steps and recommendations for future adaptations to accommodate sustained growth.
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