You CAN have
Sustainable Business Systems
with a
Stellar Client Experience!

Kind Words From Clients
Christina Beckett
CEO & FounderSleek & Sassy Nutrition
"Shari has been with me since before she started Vary Niche Solutions. I originally added her to my team to do some basic administration. Within a year she was managing my ONTRAPORT account, rebuilding my membership program, client experience, and marketing systems. Still, each and every month she comes up with new ways to make the most of the tools I pay for. I am over the moon that she has started teaching business owners how to do this for themselves as well."
Gina Brogan
CEO & Founder2nd Act Life Coaching
"Shari's work is such top quality! She is clearly passionate about her clients and her work. 

I love her programs and re-do them often to continue learning AND applying to my business."
Lindsay Hack
CEO & FounderEvolve4You
"I'm so happy to have Shari on my team. The systems she teaches in her programs is everything I needed when I was first starting my business with lots of time on my hands and no idea what to do with it. Sadly, I didn't know Shari then but I wish I did. Now that I don't have as much time on my hands, it is great having Shari on my team to manage my ongoing client engagement and email marketing in ONTRAPORT."